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Cromwell Clean & the environment

We are committed to providing clean and healthy environments for our clients and this extends to the ongoing improvement of our environmental performance as a company. Considering the environment is at the heart of our business decisions. Our ISO 14001 implementation helps to ensure that all our working practices comply with recognised Environment Management Systems standards and we are continually looking at new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Some of our initiatives include:
  • Adopting hybrid cars and electric vans as part of our fleet
  • Training personnel to BICSc standards for efficient use of solutions
  • Training all our staff in environmental awareness
  • Recycling all cardboard, paper and cleaning machinery batteries
  • Using hand trigger sprays and not using aerosols
  • Using pH neutral products
  • Using biodegradable vacuum bags and viscose cloths that degrade more readily than cotton
  • Recycling the containers and packaging of cleaning materials
  • Purchasing cleaning products in 'ready to mix' form to reduce the size and amount of packaging needed
  • Monitoring energy and water consumption in all the equipment we buy

Environmental Policy

Cromwell Clean recognises that its day to day operations impact on the environment in a number of ways and is committed in line with other leading organisations to only provide products that help protect the environment and reduce pollution. We do not purchase any products containing CFCs as propellants or any asbestos based products.

Ipad ImageQuality Auditing

Our company has recently invested in a system which allows us to satisfy our credentials for the inspection, measurement, monitoring and reporting of performance on site. This data forms the basis of our continuous development and improvement procedures.

Utilising hand-held technology, this system enables inspectors to record in real time their findings during quality audits and to respond immediately to any non-conformities and problem areas.

The reports produced following inspections will be included in our Management Report and will detail such items as-
  • Quality and performance scores set against a benchmarked criteria
  • Specific details of areas of poor workmanship
  • Customer Complaints
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